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To hatch a good idea (an egg) one needs a ‘chicken’. It’s the famous ‘the chicken or the egg’ (in Dutch: ‘kip en ei’) dilemma. This is how the name ‘Keep an Eye’ was born. The name also includes the objective of the Keep an Eye Foundation: to keep an eye on promising, young artists, musicians and creatives so that these talents have the opportunity to hatch their ‘golden’ eggs.
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The Keep an Eye Foundation beliefs that public life without arts and culture would be much poorer. The arts are integral to all our lives: concerts, exhibitions, design, and fashion shows. It’s these things that provide us with pleasure and possibilities for self-expression and bring social benefits to our communities and to our nation.

Our goal

The Keep an Eye Foundation aims to stimulate the arts and cultural sector by providing platforms on which to explore new ideas and concepts that might shape the future of arts and culture. By organizing competitions, performances, workshops and festivals and working together with a portfolio of art academies across the Netherlands, the foundation helps toward the development of individuals, the funding of ideas, the realization of new work and projects.

The foundation has a remit of identifying, nurturing and establishing creative talent during the first steps of their career. This way young artists are more likely to be discovered by galleries and museums, (jazz)musicians can produce their music and make a name for themselves and designers can market their designs.

Further objectives

To put our aims and aspirations into practice we have formulated the following goals:

  • To provide young talent with the chance to develop themselves both professionally and creatively
  • Offering a platform to enhance the visibility of young talent
  • Forming national and international relationships between students, professionals and academies
  • Encouraging a future of a rich and talented cultural landscape
  • Strengthening diversity of the arts by supporting various art domains

The Keep an Eye Foundation does not provide grants to individuals, only to established organizations. The foundation works in close collaboration with art schools in the Netherlands and abroad, in the area of music, visual arts, film, photography, design and fashion. Our projects are closely supervised from the outset.

Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds

Keep an Eye is committed to students and alumni. Another story is the team behind the foundation. People who make the foundation possible, because they have a warm heart for art and culture. They have already had a career themselves and consider the creative future of the 'Keep an Eyers' so important that they sought cooperation with the Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds for their own succession and the future of Keep an Eye.

The Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds will let the Keep an Eye Foundation survive (if necessary) for the long term and ensure that chicken and egg will feel at home in this warm nest for a long time! Preparing for this future, the Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds is currently a member of the board of Keep an Eye.

Partnering organizations