De inzendingen voor de 'Social Award 2010' zijn binnen

Tijdens de Dutch Design Week worden op de Technische Universiteit Eindhoven de prijzen uitgereikt voor de Keep an Eye Social Intelligent Design Award. De inzendingen staan hieronder.

Veelbelovende inzendingen 'Social Award'

Sensuous Shell Jewellery to promote communication between generations through recorded audio samples.

The familiar social surroundings of elderly people can fall apart as they grow increasingly older, which can create a social divide between them and the rest of society. By means of SENSUOUS jewelry, which will be available in sets with a dock, it becomes possible to share personal thoughts from daily life by recording audio fragments in an intuitive, unobtrusive way. Gathering all jewellery owners and linking all modules together on the dock is the only possible way to listen to the audio fragments. All recorded fragments will be played randomly to provoke new conversations between the users involved. 

Coaches: Caroline Hummels, Michael Cruz Restrepo, Kees Overbeeke


Open Up Open exhibition that promotes social cohesion in a small community.

Instead of exhibiting well-known art, this in- village exhibition reflects the creativity of a small community. By locating the exhibition at a town square, in most cases the dynamic center of the village, it has a central role within the community. Everyone gets the chance to exhibit their work. The exhibitor, who can be any person in the community, has an important role. He will not only showcase his work, but also assigns the next exhibitor by handing him part of the key to his pedestal. The moment when exhibitor and future exhibitor exchange the artwork will become a social gathering involving all layers of the community. 

Coaches: Caroline Hummels, Michael Cruz Restrepo, Kees Overbeeke


Conpeto, et Memento

The Conpeto (the box itself), containing memories of its previous owners, is passed on from one person to the next, every time adding or swapping a memory inside. Online registered owners of the Conpeto can keep track of the box traveling throughout the country and come into contact with its previous caretakers. By monthly e-mail updates they are kept involved in the sharing society and can see if the memory chain they contributed to is still going. By offering material and indication of contact information, users are invited to contact others. 

Coaches: Caroline Hummels, Michael Cruz Restrepo, Kees Overbeeke


Kugida The elderly feel they are needed by cooperating on a play.

Kugida is designed to give elderly the feeling of Kugida is designed to give elderly the feeling of being needed in this society by cooperating on a higher aim. This aim is a play, to which they can contribute parts of the script as well as physical matters. The elderly are encouraged to work together and the community centre also plays a significant role. Contributions can be made by placing the cone over an article, drawing or anything one can think of. The content is saved by pressing the button. Categories are made by adding a category card to the scene. Try it yourself, good luck! 

Coaches: Caroline Hummels, Michael Cruz Restrepo, Kees Overbeeke